Jason Lilley//
Owner Jason Bakery, Bree Street & Green Point

Jason Lilley has done wonders for the world of baking, taking it from the realms of fluffy and pink and flinging it into dark, dangerous and sinfully good. Just looking at the doughssants on the Jason Bakery Instagram feed will make the waistline of your jeans tighter. Whether it’s bread, pastries, tarts or sarmies, Jason Bakery has it all. FYI, real baking is not for sissies.

Age of your first tattoo: I was 20, it was in 1997.

Your most recent tattoo: It was in 2013.

The artist: Different artists. My first couple of tattoos were done by a chap named Dee at Rudy’s Tattoos in Pretoria. I have one on my back done by Derick at Metal Machines and my sleeves and chest were done by Dave Chaston.

Your inspiration: Unfortunately I fell into that 90s tribal trap but have thankfully been able to do some cover-ups!

Is getting tattoos addictive? Some people seem to think so.  I go through phases of wanting them. I think I’m done… for now.

Do your tattoos have special meaning to you? Not all of them.  The snake on my left arm represents the year of the snake, my birth year.

Which one hurt the most? All of them! The chest is no joke. It’s tender around the nipple. The sleeves cover a lot of tender spots as well, like the inside of the arm up near my armpit and anyone will tell you that having your elbows tattooed is no walk in the park either.

What have you got planned for next? I still haven’t finished the one on my chest. It has been 5 years since I got it! Dave is harassing me to finish it.